Sale and Rent

Spaneo Resort accompanies you in the search and completion of the purchase or rental of the property in Spain. Through a network of collaborators in Barcelona and throughout Europe, we offer more than 500 properties in Spain, guaranteeing the best profitability. Are you looking for an apartment, a house, a hotel or a campsite? Come and see us, we advise you on your investment in Spain.

Consultancy and feasibility study

Appraisal and support in the feasibility study of your property and an analysis exhaustive and precise of the real estate market. Spaneo offers its consulting services to study the profitability of a property or project, for clients who wish to create or relocate their businesses in Spain.
Don't waste your time with agencies that only look for their interest.
We save you time and money!

We organize your trip of inspection to see the possible investments

Organization of rip to Barcelona or the selected area to invest. Spaneo takes care of everything from hotel reservations to supporting their clients as soon as they arrive in Barcelona.

Dossier of funding

necessary financing for your investments. Assembly and management of the dossier and obtainingfinancing for our clients. Spaneo Resort takes care of all of these procedures, for its foreign clients.

Real estate management

With more than 30 years of experience in the hotel management sector, the SR team is involved in the management of its assets both campsites as hotels.

Home Staging and interior decoration

Services of "home staging" and updating of assets or property acquired at the sale.

Project management

Management of exclusive real estate projects.

Accompanying service of our customers

As soon as our clients arrive in Barcelona we take care of everything, opening of account of electricity, gas, water, bank accounts, registration of the French school NIE, etc.

Customer Zone «Off Market»

One option for our customers, an area "off-market" provides an opportunity for some owners to sell their exclusive property on a confidential basis. The access to this area is restricted only to customers of Spaneo Resort.