Our values

We provide a personalized service, all what you need, to be accompanied throughout your project:

– Research and answers to your fiscal and legal problems.
– Administrative procedures.
– Reservation contract, if you find any type of real estate.
– Opening of bank accounts.
– Preparation of the signature in the payments of the notary and details of the same.
– Once purchase is made, we will help you in everything you need, opening of the services of electricity, water,gas, etc... And estimate if there is work to do at the level of works.


We base our relationship with customers on trust. Aware that heritage management and investment it is a delicate issue, we suggest to our investor clients, working hand-in-hand in total confidence.


We do a detailed feasibility study and profitability for each client.


Aware of the difficulty in the search of a good for foreign customers, since it is not always an easy task. The Spaneo Resort team is flexible,organizing visits with a schedule that is convenient to the needs of the client.


With more than 6 representative offices around the world, our company offers a high reaction, speed and mobility.


We put all our team at your disposal.


The satisfaction of our customers is our first objective and we defend their interests with all transparency.


Spaneo Resort guarantee confidentiality and discretion.


Our interest is the loyalty of our customers , invest for them as if we did that for our family. We work every day for the security of your investment.


We are a team of professionals specialized in the real estate market of Barcelona. A domain of the Spanish market allows us to guarantee the best efficiency.