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Interesting case: in Barcelona will conduct a census of empty houses

By jean, 2016-11-21               379          0

In Barcelona most of all apartments which are levied for failure to pay mortgage loans. Therefore, for the first time in Spain the census of the empty housing will be conducted. And the idea to hold this event belongs to Ada Kolau, the mayor of the Catalan capital. She also considers that it is possible to use unoccupied apartments for social rent.

For carrying out a census the team of volunteers and several representatives in the sphere of the real estate is already made. To interest owners of the empty housing, lessors promised discounts from a tax amount for the real estate. it is supposed that the price of social lease will be lower than average for 20% on the area. descargar ios 10

The census will begin already in the nearest future. Trinitat Nova, Baro de Viver, Besos, Bon Pastor, Maresme will be the first areas.

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By josselin, 2016-11-03               327          0

Today, we have chosen to enlight the Cruyff foundation. We’ll be collaborating with people close to this organization and are fellow supporters of its actions.

Created in 1997 by Johan Cruyff, one of the best Dutch football players, the Cruyff foundation aims to make a change in children’s development through sports. Based in the Netherlands and active in Spain, they are standing up for the two following causes :

- Healthier childhood: Nowadays, children are being less and less active causing several damages in both their physical and mental health.


- Better integration in our complex society: It is well known sport is spreading strong values such as hard work and respect.

They are developing three action plans :

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Golf & Tourism in Spain

By natalia, 2016-10-31               386          620

Spain is well known for being one of the top destinations (link to the article about Spain & tourism)in the world. Yet, did you know it was also in the top 5 destinations for golf travellers?

In 2014, more then one million people travelled to Spain to play golf, generating more then 1,000 million euros per year. The Spanish growth rates in the field are among the bests in the world.

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BREXIT : Investments & Residency permit

By angel, 2016-10-28               309          0

There it is. The UK might be leaving the European Union soon, that means British people won’t remain free to travel, live, work or invest in any of the country members. Being deprived of these freedoms is full of consequences and it seems like even the majority who voted « OUT » is already regretting its vote. Investing in Spain can be the next way for British people to somehow, remain European…

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Ryder Cup 2016

By josselin, 2016-10-28               337          0


The Ryder Cup has already a winner: the American team lead it by Davis Love III. The United States won for the first time since 2008 at Valhalla, and featured the most lopsided American victory since a 9-point win in 1981 at Walton Heath. The European team will have to wait the rematch until the next edition at Paris in 2018.

These three days have been full of emotions and exquisite golf with the leadership of the American team. However, McIlroy, Pieters, Stenson, García and Cabrera Bello played at their maximum level but the rest of the European team wasn't at the height of the tournament. It is now time to think about then next edition and train for obtain our revenge.


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By angel, 2016-10-21               656          42

According to the analysis of the service life of an asset, Real Estate is compared since 1975 to a major drop-out in Spain during the global Real Estate crisis. Comparison Spain and global average on the last 40 years. Jdn J Gay April 16

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